Law Offices of Joanne Willis Newton
A Professional Corporation
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Practice Areas and Services
Joanne Willis Newton provides general legal services to Tribes, tribal agencies, organizations and
individuals with Indian law issues.  Among the practice areas and services offered are the
Practice Areas
Disclaimer:  Joanne Willis Newton is licensed to practice law in California and Quebec. However, at this time she
only maintains an office in San Diego, California, and this web site is intended only as an advertisement in
California.  Any litigation services offered are restricted to California proceedings and federal court proceedings in
the U.S. Although a former member of the Law Society of Upper Canada, Ms. Willis Newton now restricts her
legal services in Canada to matters involving Quebec law or federal law.
  • Administrative Law
  • Appeals
  • Child Welfare
  • Civil Rights
  • Contracts
  • Cultural Resource Protection
  • Economic Development
  • Education
  • Employment Law
  • Gaming Law
  • Housing
  • Jurisdictional Issues
  • Land Issues
  • Tribal Sovereignty
  • Wills
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution  (i.e.,
    mediation and negotiation)
  • Counsel and Advice
  • Contract Drafting / Review
  • Judicial
  • Legislative Analysis
  • Legislative Drafting (e.g., codes,
    ordinances, regulations, constitutions)
  • Legal Education  (click here for list of
    past trainings and presentations)
  • Policy Development and Drafting
  • Trial and Appellate Advocacy
  • Tribal Court Development